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Westfield Primary

Our New Catering Provider

Dear Parents & Carers,

Relish are delighted to be working with Westfield Primary School.

We are committed to providing quality, fresh ingredients that we cook from scratch to produce our daily menus.  Wherever possible, we use seasonal produce and the daily food offer allows our children to choose from a wide variety of freshly prepared main meals and desserts.

We take pupil & parent voice very seriously.  Knowing what a positive impact good food can have on the developing minds and bodies of our children, we attend school council meetings to ensure we capture initial reactions to new dishes and food ideas and gain understanding about what works well. We hold many special days within the school year and work with the school to make sure there is relevance to the event – it may be linked to the curriculum or a theme within school. We welcome the wider community to our events to showcase what we do best!

We are pleased to also announce that we have a special login area called the ‘Parent Portal’ on our website where you can login to view and download our menus and recipes, meal confirmation and forthcoming events. You can also look at allergen information and directly message the catering manager. We will also be setting up in the near future online pre-ordering from home, which enables you to sit down with your child(ren) and choose up to a term in advance.  

To set up your parent account, simply go to the link below:


Once complete, we will send you a message or email so you can activate/verify your account which will keep us in touch with you until the end of school!

We look forward to welcoming and providing the very best service for every child at Westfield Primary School.