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Westfield Primary

General Information

Healthy Schools

The Healthy Schools Scheme provides a structured framework to assist schools with the process of self-review, target setting and action planning, in order to raise levels of achievement and improve the health and well being of its pupils.

Paper Copies

If you require paper copies of any of the information on our school website, these are available free of charge. Please get in contact with the office to request.


Good behaviour is essential in school to enable pupils to concentrate on their learning.

Good manners, good order, good behaviour and care about personal appearance are encouraged. The Pupils’ Code of Conduct includes some simple rules designed to ensure the health and safety of all pupils and adults working in the school.

Our rewards system includes house points, achievement certificates, trophies, prizes and visits. Pupils identify targets for improvement regularly with their form teacher. If their targets are met, pupils receive recognition for their hard work.

We have a clear warning system, so that each pupil is aware of our expectations on behaviour. If pupils work or behave in an unacceptable way they are given appropriate sanctions such as writing letters of apology and kept behind after school (24 hours notice). For more persistent misbehaviour, pupils will be on a Target Card, where their behaviour is monitored by all staff on a daily basis. Serious or repeated, misbehaviour will result in internal exclusion. If any pupil continues to behave in a way which may cause harm to himself or herself or others in the community, then more serious sanctions would be discussed. Physical intervention will only be used as a last resort and in line with DfE advice.

Lost Property

We would ask parents/carers to name every item that their child brings into school. We do try to find any articles of clothing or equipment to the children quickly, but we this is much easier if everything is named. You can use name tags, either sewn or ironed onto clothes, or write your child's name with a permanent marker. Please can you check the name is still there as these can fade.

If your child has lost something please speak to the class teacher or write to us in the school organiser. Most items are quickly found and returned. Children can at times, take the wrong items home by mistake and we work with families to rectify these mistakes quickly.

We encourage children to take care and responsibility for their belongings and as they grow. There are Lost Property boxes in school, staff will be happy to direct you to these if required.


We hold an up-to-date list of registered childminders at the school. If you would like more information simply contact us.

Before and after-school care:

There is a local before and after-school care club at St Joseph’s School which is directly next door.

School Clubs

We offer a range of school clubs, primarily during lunchtimes and after school. These do change regularly so remember to look at our Clubs pages for more information on what's available this term.

Wraparound Care

Before and after school care:

There is a range of choice available for before and after school care.

Car Parking

There is limited parking outside the school in the identified parking areas so as not to endanger children and cause great inconvenience to local residents. Please help us to keep the children safe by parking safely and by not parking opposite the school entrance. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible for parents to bring their cars onto school premises. The head teacher may grant permission for exceptional reasons.

Travelling To School

We love to see our children arriving on foot. The best way to start the day is with some fresh air and exercise, for those children living close our school this is the best choice. If families live further away it would be great if you could still consider parking a short distance away from the school and walking for some of the journey.